Our pricing

You ask: “What are you charging?”. We ask: “What is your budget?”. Lumexus is of the opinion that an organization’s website can be improved without investing much money. We show you what’s possible with the budget you have.

Our Projects


  • Building a website
  • Founding a company
  • Developing a web application
  • etc.

Lumexus calculates a bid for each one-time service. The price is dependent on our expenditures arising from realizing your imagination and expectations. We do not start the implementation of the task before reaching a mutual agreement with the client about the price for our services.

Our Subscriptions


  • Managing social media channels
  • Maintaining websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • etc.

For example, if Lumexus manages your social media channels, we extract our time and effort from the social media plan created for your company. On this basis, an individual subscription is generated.

The first consultation is free of charge

The goal of the first counseling interview is to get to know one another and our respective concerns. We gladly take the time to form this basis. Thus, the time taken for this initial meeting will not be charged.