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Websites are still one of the most important tools for companies. This is supported by various surveys. In times of social media, the significance of websites is often questioned. Here you can find ten reasons why having a website continues to be crucial for the success of a company.

1 The business card of the company

Today, the company’s or organization’s website is the most important hallmark. Each potential client wants to have an opportunity to look at the company and get an idea of it. In the age of the internet, the website can efficiently satisfy this need. In order for the potential to be fully utilized, the presentation on the smartphone or tablet has to be flawless. The so-called responsive design is a requirement in today’s world.

2 Internet junction

Nowadays, social media is more relevant than ever. A chart from Statista from last year illustrates that the importance of chatting, WhatsApp, social media, and video- and audio streaming increased for approximately 30 percent of the respondents. There are many different social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Most of the time, one manages different channels simultaneously. A website is required to help the clients to orient themselves in this multitude of channels. The website takes on the role of a junction that consolidates the various channels in one place. That way, the customers can always go to the place they want.

3 Information platform for and about the organization

There is no better place to inform your customer base than your website. Everything from product information to news about the company to information about the process can be presented on the website. This function is essential for potential customers. Especially regarding events, a study from ZHAW from the year 2021 shows that the website is the most important channel of information. Often times people make Google-Searches with keywords that can support the discovery of your website. In this case, it is crucial that the client is supplied with all relevant information about your organization and products in a few clicks.

4 Target group analysis

With the right tools, websites record important information about network traffic and the people who visit the website. If one analyzes this data, much can be learned about the target audience. Next to information about the location, age, and sex of the user, one sees how much time the person spent on each individual web page. These so-called insights offer the possibility to change or optimize content. This is an opportunity for companies to gradually reach and understand their target group better.

5 Highlighting competencies

The company website is excellently suited for presenting your competencies. On the one hand, one can illustrate how competently the production or execution of the product is. Additionally, one can convey the values that influence the execution or production and, thereby, get new clients on board. On the other hand, a modern and new website shows that the organization is up to date, customer-friendly, and takes care of one’s website. This raises an impression of care and shows a willingness to go the extra mile, which can impress the customer.

6 Selling products

An integrated online shop on the website makes the ordering of your products and services fast and easy for your customers. In the age of digitalization, such an online shop is essential for the survival of a company. Not only is it possible to present the company’s assortment of goods in its entirety, but your customers can also add them to their shopping basket and purchase them immediately or save them to their Wishlist.

7 Positioning

The corporate philosophy becomes more and more important for clients. What is the company’s stand on sustainability, which social values affect it, or which cultural questions are dealt with? These are just some of the questions that are relevant to the purchasing decision of today’s clients. Not for nothing, values such as transparency in communicating about data surrounding finance, corporate governance, and sustainability are considered for ranking Swiss websites. The ranking also depends on the actual expectancies of the stakeholders. On a website, it is possible to satisfy these critical points early on with categories such as «about us» or «our philosophy». This way, one can win over clients.

8 Connecting with customers

As mentioned in the section «Internet junction», the website is the center of corporate activities online. Therefore, the website is suitable for connecting oneself with clients. An animated interaction is supported by various possibilities such as a subscribe button for the company’s newsletter, a «contact us» form, or a chat window.

9 Brand identity

Humans find it difficult to form a relationship with a brand, company, or organization. Meanwhile, it is much easier to establish a relationship with other people. Presenting the team, owner, or even previous customers on the website provides a chance to form such a relationship.

10 Networking with partners

An organization or a company is not alone in this world. Most of the time, a company is linked to a broader network that creates value. A website offers the possibility to mention your partner companies or to link their website on your page. Consequently, you and your partner firms can profit from the traffic on your website.

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