Our Solutions

Web Design

Lumexus creates, designs, and administrates your individual, customized website.


Lumexus helps to make your website more visible.


Lumexus maintains your website, guaranteeing it to always be up-to-date and at its best.


With the professional ghostwriting service of Lumexus, your website not only impresses visually but also in terms of content.


Lumexus creates and maintains your newsfeed.

Social media: Conception

Lumexus conceptualizes a detailed social media strategy tailored to your company.

Social media: Mentoring

On behalf of your company, Lumexus maintains your social media channels.


In terms of marketing activities, Lumexus is at your disposal as a consultant and executor.


Flyer, logo, posters: Lumexus satisfies all your design wishes.

Video Production

Lumexus produces professional and creative videos for and about your company.


Our Multimedia Producer generates high-quality pictures for every situation.

Audio Production

Lumexus enhances your web presence with podcasts, audio reports, or interviews.


Replace boring blocks of text with an awesome 2D explanatory video, a thrilling 3D visualization, or a stop motion film.

Founding a Company

If you have a business idea, Lumexus is there to support you on the journey of its realization.


Lumexus offers access to professional consultation and supports the development of your company.

Legal advice

Lumexus offers legal advice in all mentioned sectors.